Upscale Book Writing Bootcamp

Finally, Become A Published Author!

There really is nothing that can grow your business quite like a book.

Your name on the cover will open doors you never thought possible, such as:

  • Mainstream press interviews with major networks
  • Speaking gigs on nationally recognized stages
  • An abundance of clients on a waiting list to work with you
  • Increased rates for your coaching programs and other products
  • Not to mention, an improved sense of self-worth!

All the blogging and social media outreach in the world can’t achieve these goals as quickly as a single published book will, so stop putting it off. Grab this step-by-step course today, and you’ll have your book in your hands in no time!

Module 1: Book Ideas That Work + Highly Effective Research

Module 2: Creating Your Powerful "Signature Book" Outline

Module 3: Planning Your Book Chapters For Maximum Clarity And Power

Module 4: Writing Your Upscale Book

Module 5: Editing Formatting, and Self Publishing Your Book

This helpful, inspiring, and actionable five-module, 60-day course will not only help you overcome all the hurdles you face when it comes to writing your book, but it will become your go-to guide for mastering the techniques every author needs to know.

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