Upscale Goal Setting Strategies

Goals that are the most fun to set usually possess two golden qualities:

1. They are attainable..yet stretch you out of your comfort zone. And they should always be in alignment with your most important values.

2. They also offer you one priceless benefit: Each goal advances you a step further towards attaining your dream lifestyle and business.

There are three types of people when it comes to goal-setting. You might find a clue as to which type you are in the way goal-setting makes you feel:

1. You are excited about setting new goals… but you become easily distracted—and discouraged.

2. Your stomach knots up into a dismal little lump of cold gravy when you try to set a goal. So, you put it off till later.

3. You have iron self-discipline. You set goals, and although it’s not easy for you to keep walking the straight and narrow towards them, you remind yourself of the benefits you will reap, if you stay true to your path, and that helps you achieve them.

If you identify with number 1 or 2 then  THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU!

Learn 17 strategies to help you set goals that let you live the life you dream about. Includes a 39-page Goal Setting Strategies Workbook.


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